Saturday, April 16, 2011

Honing the argument for the Fair Tax

Here's some facts:

The Fair Tax eliminates double taxation of the working person. As it currently stands you have taxes of various kinds deducted from your paycheck, only to turn around and pay it again at the store embedded in the price of the goods you buy. The Fair Tax will eliminate the deduction from your pay and leave the embedded tax at the end. What doesn't seem like a win there?

I know many people try to obfuscate that part of the deal. But it is incontrovertible proof that it will EASE the burden on the middle class.

Secondly, the Fair tax eliminates an embeded 23% tax on our exports. What do you think will happen when our products suddenly become 23% cheaper on the world market?? Can you say jobs? Manufacturing returning to the US?

Thirdly, The Fair Tax eliminates the control mechanisms that the income tax uses to social engineer our lives.

Fourth, The Fair Tax will create a haven for investment money that is currently sheltered outside the country, about 6 trillion dollars worth. That will flood back to the safety of American shores.

Do you think that might just create some jobs?

Fifth, The Fair Tax has a prebate for all taxes collected on sales up to the amount of the poverty line. totally eliminating taxation of the poor.

Now tell me what's wrong with that?

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