Sunday, April 17, 2011

The birther issue redux

Obama is sitting there getting cockier by the minute. Know why? Because he's letting you people look like a bunch of fools. He's going to pull the rug out from under you close to election day. He's dangling that birth certificate in front of you like a bone in front of a dog. At the last minute he's going to jerk it away with a copy of the full certificate. Then if you dispute that one, he's going to have a fresh race card to use against you. Drop this right now. Trump is on his side. I wondered why the hags on the View didn't scream at him when he was on. It was more of a half hearted acting job. They actually let him speak. Now the MSM has started to let the issue come to the surface. DON"T YOU WONDER WHY?

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Anonymous said...

Oh I see, it was Obama's fault that the conservatives attacked him non-stop for about three years. Obama actually wanted conservatives to question his presidential authenticity. That way, he could point out their stupidity, laugh, and mock them when he whipped out the long-form birth certificate. Because that's all Obama really wants to do, make fun of conservatives.

You know what, Obama would have been smarter to wait until Trump was the official Republican candidate before releasing the certificate. About a month before the election would have been most effective.

I guess this proves that evil geniuses can't get everything right.

Ken Weaver said...

Keep up with the sraw. It makes you feel like you made a point.

Obama was the one keeping it hidden. No matter what you say now, he could have handed this over when it was first requested. That much is obvious by the fact that he has done it now.

He was holding it out like a bone in front of a dog. Taunting with it.
He's P.T.Barnum reborn and you are a rube.

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